Perigum Herbal Mouthwash

A new way to keep your oral health at its best now exists, thanks to Peri-gum. Perigum Herbal Mouthwash is an effective herbal concentrate for oral hygiene and contains all the essential ingredients that will leave your mouth feeling healthy and fresh. If you are looking for a new experience in oral hygiene and gum health, then you should consider the benefits of using Perigum Herbal Mouthwash.
Perigum is made of a range of herbal extracts that have been shown to improve gum health as well as keeping your mouth and teeth clean. As a result, this product appeals to many people; people are consistently looking for effective products without preservatives or chemicals. The more natural, the better!
This formula also contains essential oils which, when combined with the extracts from herbs, ensure proper oral health. Moreover, these ingredients are taken from natural sources, meaning that people who use Peri-gum Herbal Mouthwash will not have to tolerate the negative effects of artificial ingredients.
Below are some of Perigum’s herbal extracts which work together to synergistically make your mouth feel new!

1. Cayenne

Cayenne is an extract that is responsible for destroying any pathogens that may be present in the gums or teeth. It also plays a crucial role in aiding circulation of blood in the gums so that healing of any wound or infection can be achieved quickly.

2. Echinacea

The compounds from this extract give your immune system a boost. When you have low immunity, you may not only sniffle, but also suffer oral health problems. Antiseptic and antibacterial features contained by these compounds also make Perigum Herbal Mouthwash the right product for your oral health.

3. Bloodroot

Bloodroot is widely acclaimed for its anti-plaque quality. For many people, plaque is a matter of great concern and with this Perigum, you can rest easy knowing that your total oral care is being addressed. By buying Peri-gum, you are making the right decision to fight plaque and keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

4. White Oak Bark

Perigum Herbal Mouthwash couldn’t accomplish its benefits without white oak bark extract. Those who choose to use the product will have healthier gums because of this extract’s gum-tightening properties. Also with the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities that this extract also possesses, this is the mouthwash to use for a mouth free of harmful bacteria and full of healthy teeth.

5. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil comes with a number of benefits. First, tea tree oil has antiseptic functions which means that it will contribute significantly to your overall oral hygiene. Its anti-inflammatory quality also means that any pain that may present in the gums will be relieved. Hence, any discomfort or pain caused by an infection in the mouth will be alleviated by Perigum.

6. Bayberry

For gums that seem loose, bayberry extract that comes in handy because it also has tightens the gums, preventing food from getting into hard-to-reach areas, causing decay.

7. Peppermint oils

Peppermint is a plant that has many healing qualities. One who uses the Perigum mouthwash will definitely boast fresh, aromatic breath. Also, the extract contains antiseptic abilities, which is helpful with wounds or infections that may be present in the gums or other parts of the mouth.

Peri-Gum Mouthwash 1 oz

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It is clear to see that the Perigum Herbal Mouthwash is made from extracts that greatly benefit oral health and hygiene. Without unnatural compounds that can have potentially negative effects, you can confidently use Perigum for peace of mind and mouth!

Instructions of use of Perigum Herbal Mouthwash
Perigum has made many people more confident of their breath and enjoy the many benefits of healthy gums. It is important to know the most effective way to use the concentrate in order for you to experience optimal results.

First, Perigum needs to be diluted with water for the first few uses. Shake it well before you dilute it. The best way to dilute it is by using 5 drops of the concentrate in ½ ounce of water (15mL). Use this mixture to thoroughly wash it through your mouth for 30 seconds. As you get used to the concentrate, you may gradually increase the amount that you dilute in water.
Over time, you may be able to use Perigum without diluting. When used twice daily while being sure not to eat for 30 minutes after use, the results will be unparalleled oral health and hygiene.

So, if you dream of clean teeth, fresh breath, and healthy gums, try Perigum Herbal Mouthwash today! With natural ingredients that fight plaque, kill germs, and strengthen gums, you will reap the benefits of a product that has your health in mind!

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